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Do you have a Passionate Dream?

It’s a New Year. We have kicked 2020 to the curb. Now is the time to make THIS year everything that we wanted the past year to be.

It’s been a rough time. COVID scares (we all tested negative), health issues.. kids going virtual.. then back to school, then virtual again. Government run by senile old people, no matter who gets elected. One thing is clear, to be free means more than JUST surviving. It means finding your WHY and making your life better ON Purpose, and not waiting for things to get better.. there will always be some virus, incompetent politicians, and panicked people. It’s time to ‘come alive’ and live the life that you REALLY want.

Sometimes, life can feel a little bit like you’re just trying to survive. If you come home from work every day feeling tired and listless only to lie on the couch and if you are constantly stressed and aggravated while you’re at work… then what is it that you’re living for?

The problem is rest. Many of us work so that we can rest. But then when we do get a chance to rest, we don’t feel very rewarded because ultimately rest normally just means staring at the TV or playing video games. That’s hardly rewarding!

So what do you do instead? How do you make yourself ‘come alive again’?
Simple: you re-engage with your passions – your reason why.

We All Had Dreams

All of us have dreams and passions. At some point, these dreams and ambitions are what put you on the path you’re on now. Perhaps your aim was to work that job just long enough to earn the money you need to fund your dream. Or perhaps you’re working because you found a partner you loved and you were willing to postpone your ambitions for them.

Neither of these attitudes are wrong but if you have lost sight of why you started putting in the time and work in the first place, then something has gone wrong. If you’ve lost a reason to work, then you will just be listless and cruising through life.

So what do you do? You reignite those passions and you chase after them again!

Ask yourself: why is it that you do what you do? Where do you see yourself in the future? What are your beliefs and your values? What were the things that gave you direction when you were a young teenager? And how can you get yourself back on track?

The problem is that many of us feel that our passions are ‘silly’ or maybe they’re ‘childish’ or they’re irresponsible or even impossible. Thus we end up just burying them for more respectable aims like ‘being area manager’. But who said that being area manager of a staple company was more respectable than being an activist or an artist or a full time work-at-home parent?

The point is that you don’t have to give up your job or your responsibilities. You just have to keep the burning passion alive so that you’re pursuing it when you can. When you do this and you remember the ‘why’, then life will have meaning and direction again.

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