Bitlocity has Launched!

A Great way to Earn and Learn about Bitcoin….


Hi Friends,

BitLocity Has LAUNCHED!…..MANY 1000’s of Members Are Being PAID!

It is Now Open to Anyone who wants FIRST Movers Advantage!

The Infinity Line $25 & $50 is Designed for Those on a Small Budget, but….

All Members Can Earn from Two Global Straight Line Cyclers
$25 + $50 Over & Over Again.

This is a Global Pool (Company Forced).
Everyone Joining After You (Company Wide) is Placed AFTER YOU!

Once you cycle you get Paid and Automatically Re-Entered back into the Cycler Again. You Keep Cycling to Infinity!

Starting from $75 for the Gold Matrix & Going up Another 11 the Matrix is Split in Two as follows:

Members Earn Unilevel Commissions, Plus Earnings in a 1×3 Speed Matrix.
Earnings are from $75 to $100,000!

Check Out the Awesome 6 Min Compensation Plan Video:

This is Your BIG Chance To Get First Movers Advantage Now The Site Has Launched!

Remember Everyone Has to Purchase the Packs in Order to Move up Their
Desired Position, So the $25 & $50 Have to be purchased by EVERYONE!

Join Bitlocity Now for FREE!
Click Here:

This is Where the Small Guys Like You & Me Benefit As…

Every New Member is Time Stamped on Joining so Everyone Joining After You is
Placed AFTER YOU! & Pays YOU! – Then You’re SET UP to Potentially Earn $100’s DAILY!


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