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7 Questions Seniors Should Ask Themselves before Marketing Online

Succeeding as an online marketer becomes much easier when you truly understand yourself and know what you want. While this may seem obvious, the truth is that many seniors don’t really have much of a plan when they get started online.

They just try to wing it and hope to make a few dollars to pay their bills. Very often, they pick the wrong business models and lose interest or get weary of all the tasks that come with running an online business.
In this article, we’ll look at 7 pertinent questions that seniors should ask themselves before getting started online. This will help them to plan their online marketing journey better and increase their chances of success.

Why Do I Wish to Market Online?

This is the most important question of the 7. It defines your why. Are you trying to make money online to pay your bills? Or do you just need something to keep you occupied and challenge you? Or is it both?
Knowing why you’re marketing online is crucial. During tough periods when you’re struggling to build a business, knowing why you’re doing it will help you to keep going.

You’ll also be able to plan which is your best course of action. If you need money fast, you could get into freelancing and product creation. If you just wish to occupy yourself and you have enough funds to invest in your business, you could try ecommerce, niche sites, etc.

Write down your why and refer to it often.

What’s My Budget?

Knowing how much money you have to spend on your online business is essential to planning your marketing. While you’ll not need much capital, you’ll need at least $50 initially to purchase a domain, hosting, etc.

Even if you’re leveraging platforms like Amazon to do Kindle Publishing, you’ll probably need to pay for an ecover design, etc.

The higher your budget, the more you can outsource. If your budget is tight, you’ll need to do most of the work yourself. You’ll also need to focus on online marketing methods that require less money.

That will essentially eliminate paid advertising, ecommerce, outsourcing content creation and so on. Know your budget and plan your approach wisely.

Cut your coat according to your cloth and don’t spend money that you do not have… and don’t go into debt to make a profit online.

How Badly Do I Need the Money?

If you need money fast, freelancing is probably the best way to go. Seniors who need cash quickly should avoid slower methods of generating income online. Anything to do with SEO takes time.,
Publishing books on the Kindle platform can be hit or miss. Ecommerce requires you to pay for ads and so on.

Fast money requires fast results. Freelancing is one of them. Another way is to create your own products and find affiliates to promote your products.

What are My Skills and Preferences?

Always seek to leverage your skills. If you’re a good writer, you should write. If you’re artistic, graphic design may be good for you. If you love to teach, creating courses on Udemy might be the best option for you.

By focusing on your existing skills, you’ll be able to do a good job instead of struggling to learn new skills that you have no interest in. Of course, the skills you possess should be the kind that allow you to generate profits online.

If you don’t have those, you’ll have to learn one that you prefer. It’s easier to learn something that you enjoy.

What are My Weaknesses?

Knowing your weaknesses is important. It will tell you what you need to outsource and avoid doing. Hate writing? Hire a writer. Don’t like numbers? Analyzing paid ads and the statistics may not be your cup of tea.

How Much Time Do I Have for My Business?

You cannot build a business in a day.. You need more time. To build a rewarding and sustainable business online requires time and effort.

Plan your day out and know how much time you must dedicate to your business daily.
Be consistent and work during the stipulated hours.

Consistency and regular action will reap rewards and your efforts will snowball over time leading to even better results.

What’s Your Ultimate Goal?

You should have an end goal in mind. Do you want to be a published author? Do you want to help people to solve a problem that you’re passionate about? Do you want to design and sell t-shirts all over the world?
Knowing what your ultimate goal is will help you chart a course that leads you to it. You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going.

Spend time reflecting on these 7 questions and write down your thoughts and ideas. This time spent in deep thought will be invaluable when it comes to staying true to your online marketing goals.

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